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Kirby Crosbie

Hey Ya’ll! My name is Kirby Dixon Crosbie.

I am an actor originally from Lexington, Kentucky.


I just recently graduated with a B.F.A. in Acting with a double minor in Directing and Children’s Theatre from Oklahoma City University. 


I am an actor, director, movement choreographer, and teaching artist.

I cultivate the inner-child in all of us, so that we can connect with our most honest selves. I lead with empathy.  I work to revive the truest spirit of those I collaborate with. I believe theatre is exciting and magical and has the power to change the world. I want to empower the spectator by giving them honest, diverse stories that make visible the tales and images of our deepest fears and conflicts, our highest hopes, and aspirations. 


When I am not performing, I am usually curled up with a book. I am what some may call a binge reader. My favorite book is Emma by Jane Austen. My most beloved genre is fantasy, and I am a proud Slytherin.

My other hobbies include baking, plant collecting, and flower bouquet building.

My favorite places in the world are Trader Joe’s and the drive-in movie theatre from my college town.


Thank you for landing on my page and please, reach out! 

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